Aisling Stern (pronounced ASH-ling) is an energetic lifestyle brand, created to inspire people to focus on the power of positive energy as a force for change and improvement in their lives. Our thoughts and feelings have an energetic impact on our mental and physical well-being and, by focusing on the positive, we can alter our moods, health, and even the way we experience life as a whole.

The Aisling Stern designs are meant to be used as symbols, or talismans, reminiscent of an idea, goal, or sentiment. In this way, they help to shift a person’s consciousness to a positive state merely by viewing or wearing the item.

ABOUT THE DESIGNER: kristen begley

Hi! I’m Kristen, the creator of Aisling Stern. I started Aisling Stern to honor a burning desire within me- a desire to create a life that matters to me, inspires me, honors my beliefs and values, and fits my own way of thriving in this world. Leaving a full-time job and a more traditional life to start my own company has been quite a journey over the past couple of years. There have been struggles and all-time lows as well as triumphs and very proud moments. Through it all, I remain committed to creating a life based around my ideals, values, talents, skills, and passions. Aisling Stern is a true reflection of the power of positive energy in my life and I strive to create products and provide information that will do the same for others!


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