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The Aisling Stern Rebrand

For those of you who have been to this website in the past, I’m sure you noticed that it has gone through a bit of a rebrand. I wanted a chance to explain my reasons behind the Aisling Stern rebrand and to explain what it all means. When I left my full-time job to start Aisling Stern about 3 years ago, I was anxious about all of the imagined pitfalls and shortcomings of not only my intended business but of my self. I worried about how my family and friends would react to my decision to leave a steady job with a paycheck and benefits to pursue something of my own- something without guarantees or a safety net. I stressed about my reliability as my own boss. Would I be able to stay motivated? Would my work be any good? Would people like my designs and actually buy my work? I had anxiety over the prospect of failure, both emotionally and financially. All of these negative thoughts flooded my consciousness on a daily basis before I left my job, during the transition into self-employment, and still once I was actually running my business and taking the leap I both relished and feared.

And guess what happened… All of the negative thoughts that I thought about my business and about myself came true. I didn’t believe in my work. I didn’t push myself as hard as I could have. I had very few sales and the business was no where near something I could count on the pay my bills. I failed myself emotionally and slipped into a place of constant fear and mistrust of my own abilities. My bills went unpaid, I lost or nearly lost some very major investments, I scrounged change to take the bus to my part-time job- it was the lowest of the low points in my life.

From Negative to Positive

It was at that time when I learned the true power our thoughts have. I learned that positive thoughts, especially gratitude and love, can change the vibrations we send out into the world and actually attract more positive results in our lives. I saw from experience, that thinking negative thoughts actually created negative results in my physical reality. I did my best, at the time, to try changing my thought patterns, a hard proposition for a chronic negative self-talker made even harder by experiencing the lowest point in my life as a reality on a daily basis. But, as I implemented a daily practice of gratitude and thanking the universe for everything I did have, things in my life began to very [VERY!] slowly change for the better.

Aisling Stern Watercolor Logo

Over the past year, I’ve made huge strides in both my personal and professional outlooks and goals- and the results in my life have been much more positive. I’ve learned a great deal about the energetic component of thoughts and emotions and the effects that this energy has on our physical reality. My explorations into these topics have truly changed the way I view the world. They’ve cultivated within me the desire for a spiritual practice and clarified many of my views on my own version of the purpose of life. I certainly don’t have it all figured out and there are plenty of days that I don’t think the nicest things to myself but I’m improving and that’s the most important part.

The Aisling Stern rebrand was certainly informed by my experiences over the past few years. My views about myself and the world are very different from when I first left my full-time job over 3 years ago. The Aisling Stern I started then, and the jewelry designs I put out, were reflective of my thoughts and feelings at that time. The Aisling Stern rebrand reflects my current ideals. Positive energy has made a huge impact in my life and I want the Aisling Stern brand to bring the same good vibes and energetic concepts to others. This is the start of something great!

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