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Introducing the Essence Line

Aisling Stern’s Essence Line was inspired by the same ideals that inspired the company rebrand: to inspire people to focus on the power of positive energy as a force for change and improvement in their lives. Our thoughts and feelings have an energetic impact on our mental and physical well-being and, by focusing on the positive, we can alter our moods, health, and even the way we experience life as a whole.

essence line black lava rock mala
The True Essence

The Essence Line is representative of the true essence of the energetic lifestyle brand. The thought behind an energetic lifestyle brand is to inspire others to live in a way which allows positive energy to inform their thoughts, actions, and decisions. The Essence Line jewelry pieces were developed to enhance the wearer’s connection to positive energy and serve as symbols, or talismans, to remind the wearer of an idea, goal, or sentiment that they want to hold in their mind and heart. In this way, they help to shift a person’s consciousness to a positive state merely by touching or wearing the item.

The jewelry line itself is not just a representation of the brand ideals but touches a bit deeper than that. For me, it is also representative of the concept of essence- energy, spirit, oneness, flow, eternity. The idea behind using the pieces as symbols is to enhance the wearer’s connection to these concepts.

essence line palmwood mala crystal grid

The designs are meant to evoke both contemplative states, with the mala-inspired pieces, as well as an energetic response, with the cleansed and Reiki-infused crystals. The materials themselves also speak to these energetic concepts- grounding wood and hemp, energetic quartz crystals, and ethereal sparkling silver.

essence line ear pins
Live Life Energetically

It is my hope that my customers use their pieces from the Essence Line to assist them in keeping positivity in the forefront of their daily lives. When they wear my jewelry, I want them to be reminded of the positive things in their lives, the goals they want to achieve, and the happiness they want to feel. I hope that these jewelry pieces remind them to experience the joys in life, even in difficult times, and to pass along the good vibes, for we are all connected on our journeys through this life.

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