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I’d like to send a huge thank you to Femmebot Clothing for supporting Aisling Stern and giving me the chance to sell my jewelry in your Summit, NJ location! Femmebot truly reflects the Aisling Stern aesthetic, not just in style, but also in ideals. A Femmebot is a strong, unhindered, forward-thinking women with a style to match- just the type of gal to follow her dreams and deck herself out in Aisling Stern jewelry!

Please Note: Femmebot Clothing no longer carries Aisling Stern jewelry.

Femmebot Exclusive: Aisling Stern Jewlery

For Immediate Release

Summit, New Jersey, 07/09/14— Femmebot would like to formally welcome one of New Jersey’s young hot jewelry designers to the Femmebot Nation. Kristen Begley dreamt of launching a jewelry line for years, having made a name for herself in the nonprofit sector she lead a traditional life, but in true Femmebot spirit she pursued her dreams no matter what the cost. Having disproved her critics and all of the naysayers, Kristen started Aisling Stern.

Pronounced ASH-ling and meaning dream or vision in Gaelic the brand was created by Kristen for women like Kristen, “It was created for trailblazers who seek to define their own path in the world. They are the innovators and visionaries, the style-casters and tastemakers, the rebels and provocateurs, and, most of all, they are completely and totally themselves.” Much like Femmebot owner Tina Setia who has owned and operated Femmebot Clothing since 2012, Kristen’s goal in starting her company was to prove that you can be successful when you build your business around your passion.

The Ikon line of Aisling Stern and the palm band designs will be exclusively carried by Femmebot Clothing in Summit, NJ. Palm bands are the newest trend in finger and wrist adornments. Featuring a bold modern look, high polish finishes and unique daring designs the line fits perfectly with the style and fashion carried by Femmebot.


Contact Person: Christina L. Vene
Company: Femmebot Clothing LLC
Telephone number: 201-981-9307
E-mail address: ChristinaV[at]Femmebot.com
Website: www.Femmebot.com

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