Company Questions

What is the correct pronounciation of Aisling Stern?

Aisling is pronounced ASH-ling and Stern is pronounced STURN.

I would love to collaboration or work on a project with Aisling Stern. Might that be possible?

We’d love to hear more about your project or collaboration ideas! Let’s talk! Please visit our inquiries page for more information!

Product Questions

Are pieces available in other colors/metals/sizes/materials than those listed?

We would be happy to create a custom piece for you! Please contact us for details.

Brass can discolor my skin. Is there any way to prevent this?

All of our cast metal pieces (both raw brass and silver plated) are sealed with a lacquer that prevents the metal from directly contacting the skin. However, we can’t guarantee that this will prevent all skin reactions nor can we guarantee the longevity of the sealant since, like any surface over time, it is subject to the wear and tear of use. Please treat the jewelry with care to extend its life – See the Jewelry Care page for more information!

How do I know what size palm band/two finger ring/single ring will fit me?

Please consult the Size Guides for more information and help determining your size before ordering.

Are the pictures on the product pages of the exact items I'll be ordering?

Since each item is unique and handmade, there will be slight differences in the item you receive. The photos, item weights, and item measurements are included to give a close approximation of the product you will receive.

Shipping Questions

I just placed an order. When can I expect it to ship?

We try to pack and ship orders at least once a week so your order should ship out within 3-5 business days. You’ll receive tracking information once your order ships.

Am I able to have my jewelry shipped to a different address than my billing address?

Since we use PayPal as our payment gateway, we are required to ship all orders to customers billing addresses for security reasons. We’re sorry for any inconvenience!

An item that I would like to order says that it can be backordered. What does this mean?

Backordered items are items that are not currently finished and in stock. These items will be made to order and will take an additional 7-10 business days to create (plus standard processing and shipping times). Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding backorders.

Returns/Exchanges Questions

I just received my order and the piece(s) I ordered don't fit. What should I do?

Bummer! Aisling Stern accepts returns and exchanges of unworn jewelry within 14 days of when you receive your order. Make sure you visit the Returns and Exchanges page to initiate the process and for more information.

I was wearing my jewelry and it got damaged. Can you fix it or can I get a new piece?

We’re so sorry to hear that your jewelry got damaged! Unfortunately, we only accept returns and exchanges of unworn jewelry. Since Aisling Stern jewelry is handmade, hand-assembled and hand-finished, it is delicate and requires extra care to ensure its longevity. Depending on the type of damage your piece sustained, we may be able to repair your piece. Please visit the Returns and Exchanges page to contact us!

If, after reviewing the FAQs, your question has not been answered, feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to assist you!

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