Palmwood Mala


The Palmwood Mala Necklace is a mala-inspired necklace featuring unique, vibrant palmwood beads and a stunning clear quartz crystal. While this necklace does feature a traditional 108 beads and can be used for meditation and mantra-practice, the casual wearer is encouraged to use the necklace as a symbol, or talisman of sorts, to remind the wearer of an idea, goal, or sentiment. The quartz crystal has also been infused with Reiki energy.

For more information on mala beads and Reiki-infused jewelry, please see the tabs below!

Please Note: Since each item is unique and handmade, there will be slight differences in the item you receive.

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  • 108 8mm palmwood beads & 1 12mm palmwood guru bead
  • 1 clear quartz crystal, cleansed and Reiki-infused
  • Handmade sterling silver findings
  • Natural black polished hemp cord
  • 100% Handmade and Hand-Assembled in the USA

Additional Information

Weight 1.7 oz
Dimensions 18 x 1 in

What is a Mala?

Mala beads have been used throughout history in many traditional spiritual practices for meditation, prayer, and recitations of mantras and chants. Traditional malas have 108 beads and one larger guru bead at the bottom. There have been a few interpretations of the significance of the number 108. My favorite is the following:
1 is representative of the universe, source, or higher truth; 0 represents being humble, empty, and willing to learn; 8 stands for eternity and infinity.

When using a mala for recitations of any kind, each bead is counted as a prayer, mantra, or chant is stated. The mala beads are moved between the fingers to count the number of recitations. The guru bead is not counted but, instead, signals the user to stop recitations or continue, moving in the opposite direction, away from the guru bead again.

The Aisling Stern mala-inspired necklaces take the concept of the 108 mala beads and 1 guru bead and expand upon it, including a clear quartz crystal instead of a tassel, which is found in traditional malas. The Aisling Stern malas can be used in a traditional manner or as merely a personal symbol for the wearer.

What is Reiki-Infused Jewelry?

Reiki is a form of healing energy. From the Japanese “Rei,” meaning spirit or higher power, and “Ki,” meaning life force engery, Reiki is a powerful form of energetic healing. Reiki practitioners have the ability to use channeled Reiki energy for healing themselves and others as well as infusing this energy into objects.

The quartz crystals in the Aisling Stern jewelry have been infused with Reiki energy and programmed to be used for the wearer’s highest and greatest good. The Reiki energy will only be activated by the wearer’s desire to receive this energy.

Special Care for your Crystal Jewelry

Aisling Stern crystal jewelry is created using clear quartz crystals. Clear quartz crystals have a very strong vibrational quality and help regulate energy. All stones have been cleansed prior to being sold and can be periodically re-cleansed in order to help maintain their positive energetic qualities.

There are several ways to cleanse and energize your crystal jewelry:

  • Smudging crystals with white sage: Light your smudge stick and hold the crystal in the stream of smoke until you feel it has been cleansed of negative energy
  • Moonlight bathing: Place your crystal on a windowsill or other area where it will be bathed in moonlight overnight
  • Dry brown rice: Fill a bowl with organic, dry, uncooked, brown rice and place your crystal on top of the rice for at least 4 hours
  • Sunlight bathing: Place your crystal on a windowsill or other area where it will be bathed in sunlight for at least 1 hour (please note that other elements of your crystal jewelry may fade in prolonged sunlight exposure such as natural beads and cord so please take care to cover these elements while leaving your crystal exposed)